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Teachers need to be researchers in today’s ever changing teaching-learning environment and try to reach the students through various mediums. Edmodo is one such initiative to reach the students through the technology which they enjoy. Not only should they research but should also engage in sharing and staying in touch. 

At F.A.P.S everyone is encouraged to do just that!

Here are a few links for starters:


Education World


Classroom Management

Teacher’s Network

Discovery Education

Teachers can express themselves here.



4 Responses to Teachers (F.A.P.S)

  1. Madona Florenville says:

    I am really excited to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative at FAPS! Integrating technology into our teaching learning practices at the school is really the way to go. I look forward to making regular contributions on our website.

    • Profile photo of thalls thalls says:

      For any initiative to be successful, it requires the support of those persons with the authority to make decisions as well as the cooperation of other stakeholders. After reading your comment, I was filled much joy. I am comforted, knowing that my efforts are appreciated and is in keeping with the vision of this School.

      Welcome aboard madam Principal!

  2. Mrs. Sharon Germain says:

    This is indeed just one of the good signs of our school climbing to, and achieving our goal. I applaud the team on their tremendous efforts to make Fond Assau Primary the type of learning institution that the surrounding communities would desire to have their children experience success at.

  3. Profile photo of thalls thalls says:

    Those ‘good signs’ are the fuel for renewed motivation and energy to keep forging ahead.

    Hang in there team!

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