Students (F.A.P.S)

Fond Assau Primary encourages the students to use technology to engage in fun, learning activities.

Our flagship site to participate in social learning and link teachers, students and parents is Edmodo.

Students, remember to ask your parents to sign up on Edmodo and give them the parent code.

Parent Code Pic

Your parents can contact the school if they are having any difficulty.

Some other sites recommended by the school are:

Learn and practice basic reading skills.

Study and review Math and Science concepts with a fun crew.

Remember to have fun engaging in learning!

Use the Students’ Cafe to Express yourselves 🙂 






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  1. Profile photo of thalls thalls says:

    I think this website is very organized and the creators were sure about their ideas.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  2. Profile photo of thalls thalls says:

    Very eloquent and encouraging.

    Thank you!

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