• 1

I stand here proud

To say out loud

That I will brave the odds

Though I am young

I must be strong

To build my future’s foundation


  • Chorus

I must work well,

To live just as well

Get a good education

Acquire skills in live

And get along

At Fond Assau Primary


  • 2

With faith in god

Steadfast I trod

Ready to overcome

Life’s obstacles

It’s traps and pains

Will only make me stronger


  • 3

I’ll give my all

In the end stand tall

Thanks to those who care for me

Who took the time

So that I can shine

Sharing knowledge selflessly


Written By: “Irvin Smith”

Edited by:  FAPS Staff

Arranged by: “Saki Moriguchi – JOCV “

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  1. I love that anthem so much!

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