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These are the recently elected members (May 26th 2015) of the Fond Assau Parent-Teacher Association:

Mrs. Sandra Stephen (President)

PTA President

I am honored to be the President of the Fond Assau Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for the past four years. I consider myself dedicated, motivated, vibrant and an enthusiastic individual, who has worked hard with the rest of the executive to improve the well-being of all our Students, Parents, and committed Teachers.
The Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) initiate and implement a number of the activities at the school which promotes the educational, spiritual and social enhancement of the school.
There are many rewarding opportunities to enhance your child’s experience. We invite you all to take advantage of all the PTA has to offer.

Mr. Aldric Edward (Vice President)

A Edward

Mrs. Rackel Charles (Secretary)


Ms. Tasha Sealy (Treasurer)

Tasha Sealy

Mr. Kojak Raymond (Public Relations Officer)

Place Holder

Mr. Brendon Joseph(Floor Representative)

B Joseph

Mrs. Kim Toussaint (Floor Representative)

Place Holder

Ms. Linda Louis (Floor Representative)

Place Holder



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