Meet the staff


Mrs. Madona Florenville (Principal)

M Florenville

“I am honoured to serve as the Principal of The Fond Assau Primary School (FAPS). We are proud of our academic progress and the many initiatives which we have been undertaking to ensure that we achieve our goal to become a child friendly school in the Fond Assau community. “

Extract – From the Desk of the Principal (read more)

Mrs. Sharon Germain (Teacher-In-Charge)

Ms Germain

Hi! Mrs. Sharon Germain here! Grade Four teacher. Of the many things God has blessed me to do very well on this earth, the gift I love the most is, positively impacting lives for the future! A profound responsibility I take very seriously.


Mr. Irvin Smith (Teacher)


“I have taught at Fond Assau Primary for the past 10 years. This academic year, I am functioning in the capacity of the Special Education teacher and assisting with the ICT program.  My experience here has been challenging but filled with enjoyable and memorable moments. I am happy to be a positive change agent in the lives of those entrusted in my care.”


Mr. Solomon Alexander (Teacher)

“I have been a member of TEAM FAPS for thirteen years. I’m proud to contribute to the holistic development and education of all the students at Fond Assau Primary (A Child-friendly School of Choice). I was indeed very pleased when the principal offered me the opportunity to work with the entire school population as the physical education teacher. I enjoy teaching the students the skills, techniques , strategies and positive attitudes necessary to perform at their peak physical capabilities. This will boost their self-esteem, and keep their bodies and minds healthy; a good recipe for academic development.”


Mrs. Jales Caroo-Hippolyte (Teacher)

J Hippolyte


“I aspire to be a vibrant and innovative individual who always brings a new addition into the teaching/ learning environment. I do my best to positively impact the social, moral and intellectual well-being of my students and their families. Teaching is my passion and family, my treasure.”



Mrs. Kathy Baptiste (Teacher)

K Baptiste

Mrs. Kathy Baptiste is working with the Grade 3 class this year (2016-17)


Ms. Janice Anthony (Teacher)

Ms J_Anthony

“I am presently the Kindergarten teacher and have been for the past three years. I really enjoy working with the infants. They make teaching and learning fun! The experiences that I have had teaching , has really assisted me in improving my career year after year. I enjoy the fact that I help make a difference in someone’s life.”


Ms. Sherkirah Augustin (Teacher)

Place Holder


Mr.Brendon Joseph (Teacher)

B Joseph

“I am the current Grade 6 (Six) teacher. I have been enjoying my teaching experience at this school, and looking forward to continue being a part of the Fond Assau Primary School staff.”


Mr. Manasseh Joseph (Teacher)

Place Holder

Ms. Jena Popo (Teacher)

Ms. Jena Popo

“Bonjour! I am the newest addition to the Fond Assau Primary School team. New in every sense of the word, as I am the first French teacher at the school. The use of innovative and fun ways has been a great initiative to make the students comfortable with the language and contributed to a very productive year 🙂 Au Revoir!”

Mrs. Cindy Jeon (Music Teacher)


“With a heart filled of rhythm, I am determined to inspire the students into developing a passion for music. I am working and will continue to work towards building their skills and self confidence for present and future performing opportunities.”

Ms. Yasmen Louisy (Secretary)

Yasmen Louisy

“I have been a secretary at this school for three (3) years and enjoy my work very much. It is a pleasure to serve my past school and to have my two children go through its doors as well. I will do my part to make this school the best on the island!”


Ms. Loretta Felix (ICT Assistant)


“I am the Information Technology Assistant at the Fond Assau Primary School. I have been with the school for three years now. I feel delighted to be a member on staff at the primary school which I attended and I will strive to make my time/experience there an efficient and effective one. ;-)”



Mrs. Louisette (Cook)

Ms L

“Fond Assau Primary has had my service for twenty enjoyable years. I thank the school for its contribution to my livelihood and will continue to give my best.”


Ms. Lydia St. Clair (Cook)


“I have worked here for the past eight (8) years. My experience has been an enjoyable one.”



Ms. Jenevy Louisy (Cook)

J Louisy

“Thanks to the NICE program, I have worked at Fond Assau for three years now. My time here has been well spent.”

Ms. Greta Chastanet (Domestic Engineer)

G Chastanet

” I have spent many years on the staff of the School and I enjoy my job.”

Ms. Cynthia Alfred (Domestic Engineer)


“The past 23 years have been tough but I am doing my best. I love my job.”


Mr. Alexis Louis (Caretaker)


” I am very happy with my job and give it my best. The staff is cooperative and treat me well. I can work here for the rest of my life.”


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  1. I want to know all about the school and finish it in september and build a new canteen oposite the school.

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