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Praise, Worship and Patriotism

The community of Fond Assau was blessed by songs of praise as well as national pride on Tuesday 21st February 2017. The earlier part of the morning was spent in worship and ended with a march pass; flags flying high and voices chanting away as students, parents and teachers took the message of independence to nearby environs. A morning well spent – honoring the most high and celebrating country.

Happy 38th Anniversary Saint Lucia.


Love is in the Air

Valentine’s day activities came to life, thanks to the ideas of the students. Class representatives from the various grades suggested ideas and the student council executive met to select those that were possible under the time constraints.

Students were assisted in putting a modeling and talent show together. This was a good gathering for the grand draw for annual valentine’s day raffle. Ms. Alina Louis was the proud winner of a delicious chocolate cake. Her prize was collected by Zedan Jardine.

Job well done students!

New D.E.O Visits F.A.P.S

The principal and staff of Fond Assau Primary were all relieved to hear about the appointment of Mrs. Caterina Mark, the new District One Education Officer. She visited F.A.P.S on Thursday February 9, 2017 and did justice to her mantra of excellence during her brief introduction to the staff and students. Mrs. Mark made it clear that she will aspire to work closely with all schools and do her best to meet their needs in her aforementioned capacity.

“No!” Power

Mr Paul and Ms Monrose from the Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat delivered a powerful and interactive presentation on substance abuse to the students of grade 5 and 6 on February 3rd, 2017. The students were well informed and captivated by the video and PowerPoint presentations.  Everyone was exposed to information on;

  • Definition and examples of legal and illegal drugs.
  • Harmful and addictive substances found in drugs
  • Why and how addiction occurs
  • Taking preventative measures and practicing refusal skills
  • Institutions which help and treat persons affected by drugs

They were also fortunate enough to see an educational kit with a wide range illegal substances should they ever need to avoid any dangerous substances or situations in the future.

Your Council Speaks!

The F.A.P.S Student Council executive introduce themselves at an assembly on January 31st, 2017 and shared a very important message with the student body; Self Advocacy. They shared some steps on how to go about standing up for self. A job well done students!

Nobel Laureate Celebration

The day started off with the usual assembly and presentations by each class. However, for a selected few, this year had more in store. Some F.A.P.S students got to take a quick educational tour of the city, enjoy a book exhibition in the town hall and a tour of the Walcott House Museum. What a treat!

Proactive Policing

The Principal and Staff of F.A.P.S wish to thank the St. Lucia Police Force for their efforts. Keep up the great work: WSPC56 Celise, SPC117 Antoine and SPC145 Pascal.  

Pedagogical Greenhouse

Although still work-in-progress, Fond Assau Primary is working toward involving all students in the use of the greenhouse. The goal is not just to use the greenhouse as a learning tool but to also produce a variety of healthy food to supplement their school feeding program.

Parent Tit-Bits

Empower yourself with information. 


Stand up for Self!

Standing up for yourself is a very important skill, however you need to do it correctly so that you achieve the best results.

Hope you enjoy this video:

  • Write down all the important information. 
  • Practice, practice and practice! 🙂 
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