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Parent Tit-Bits

Empower yourself with information. 


Stand up for Self!

Standing up for yourself is a very important skill, however you need to do it correctly so that you achieve the best results.

Hope you enjoy this video:

  • Write down all the important information. 
  • Practice, practice and practice! 🙂 

Expression Boards


Students looked on in amazement, as teachers demonstrated their creativity and engaged in positive self-expression on January 11, 2017. These expression boards are intended to be an avenue for students to share positive messages and leave their mark for others to enjoy. It is the hope of the principal and staff, that students will become more creative and find pleasure in sharing their thoughts and feelings with others in a positive way, while keeping the school environment in a pristine condition. 

Go team F.A.P.S!

Happy New Year

The principal and staff of the Fond Assau Primary School extend well wishes for the new year and look forward to the continued support of all stakeholders. 

All the best of 2017 to everyone!

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