Dream Big!

F.A.P.S students reached for the stars on 30th of June 2016 with Mr. Jehon Leonce, a son of the soil who is now employed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA). During his visit the aerospace engineer gave a general summary of his experience and shared a strong message with the students; to set goals, pursue their dreams, become lifelong learners and always aspire to get an edge over everyone else in today’s competitive world.

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Enjoy the highlights.

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3 Responses to Dream Big!

  1. Judy Sayers says:

    Wow! I am so lost for words. It must have been very exciting for the students.

    • Profile photo of thalls thalls says:

      So true. I cannot remember ever thinking that I can be an astronaut. For one’s life to be touched by a fellow St. Lucian who is so close to achieving that goal is simply empowering.

  2. Madona Florenville says:

    Was a pleasure having Jehon share with our students. You’re welcomed back anytime. We wish you success in your endeavour!

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