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Babonneau Youth Synergy

A group of ambitious and caring advocates visited the Fond Assau Primary School (FAPS) on June 28, 2016. Babonneau Youth Synergy’s, President – Aldric Edward, Secretary – Britini Delaire and member – Zacha Mathurin, made a brief appeal to the staff and students of FAPS.
Rest assured, we are on board…. Go Youth Synergy!

K-Twenty Action!

The Fond Assau playing field was the place for Kiddy Cricket fans on June 27, 2016. Four primary schools from District One, Babonneau, Boguis, Fond Assau and La Guerre participated in two rounds competition. Babonneau won both of their matches. Fond Assau and Boguis played a super over after having tied with one win and a loss each. Fond Assau eventually captured second place and will be competing against Grand Riviere in the semi-finals on Tuesday 28th June for the privilege of advancing to the finals and can move to the Inter District Kiddy Cricket Tournament.



Givers of Self

Volunteers from the Peace Corp Program visit F.A.P.S each year. June 27th 2016 was another wonderful and mutually beneficial experience. The students get assistance from capable persons other than the usual faces they see every day and the guests get more teaching experience. The staff and the volunteers usually end the visit with a lunch where both groups share a little about themselves, their culture and work.

The staff and students of FAPS look forward to our continued partnership. Keep up your selfless work!

See pictures here.

F.A.P.S Gives Back!

Staff and students hit the streets today, showing acts of kindness along the way. June 24th 2016 marked the day for the FAPS annual sponsored walk, this time with a twist of kindness. Students visited some sick and shut-in persons from the community and gave them a hand, cheered them up with a few songs and even donated some necessities.

F.A.P.S believes in teaching the students to give of themselves; keeping the spirit of volunteerism and random acts of kindness alive!

A Transition in Time!

Each year, Mrs. Bianca Lawrence-Raymond counselor for District One does her part by organizing a series of presentations, to ensure that the primary school leavers know exactly what they are up against as they move on to their new secondary schools. This year, on June 20th 2016, was no different. The students got an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and the St. Joseph Convent presenter’s got a chance to shine.

Streams of Sharing

Pic 1

Nurse Angela Grant of New York, a member of the Streams of Power Church along with Pastor Barthelmy and a few of her brothers and sisters visited the Fond Assau School bearing gifts. Fifteen lucky students benefited from this benevolent act, offered a big Thank You and left the presentation with smiles from ear to ear.  

Who’s Your Daddy?

Pic 38

On Saturday 18th June 2016 fathers and interested males from the Fond Assau community and environs gathered to talk on issues related to fathering and parenting. A distinction made clear by the guest speaker; Pastor Dolston Morian. Fathers engaged in prayer, gave heart-felt testimonies and received life-changing information supported by the bible. Every male left the session knowing the myriad of negative effects of “fatherless” children.

Everyone present stood and made a commitment to finish the journey of fatherhood strong, without dwelling on a shaky start or any mistakes made along the way.

The evening ended with a short presentation to recognize a few of the fortunate participants. Sponsors included St. James Club Morgan Bay Resort (refreshments), Johnson’s Hardware (gift items) and Rackel Charles (Father’s Day pins)

Thank You to all who made the Rap Session successful.

See pictures here.

Advocates for Mother Earth

Today, June 17, 2016, Ms. Nicole Haynes and her team from the Forestry Department visited the Fond Assau Primary School to share valuable information about protecting our environment. The key message “Protect Earth, Restore Land, Engage People. ”

Mr. Igi, the Forestry mascot, was the star of the show. He shared his message while grooving to two upbeat and information-packed songs.

The staff and students were engaged, not only in song but with an informative and interactive presentation. The Forestry Department ended their visit with a tree planting exercise. A representative group of Grade Six students participated in the activity.  

The staff and students of F.A.P.S thank the Forestry Department for a fun-filled and rewarding event.

See highlights in the gallery

Feeling the Buzz!


Fond Assau Primary was the host of a very intense District One Spelling Bee on Thursday 16, 2016. Seven nervous students competed in the first two rounds of competition to earn their spot in the third and final round.

Congratulations to the finalists from Babonneau, Dame Pearlette, Gros Islet and La Guerre. All the best to Dame Pearlette at the National Spelling Bee against the top “Bee” from each of the other seven districts.

See the table below for the running total of each round:


Drop by the gallery for photos.

CEE is here!

The students of F.A.P.S gathered today, June 14, 2016 to wish the Grade 6 class of 2016 “All the Best” and reminded them to “Do your best”. They were raised in prayer and also assured that the doors of the school are always opened to them and they can use technology to keep in touch with the staff and students via Edmodo and the school’s website.

A personal visit is always appreciated as well!

Go Achievers – “Race to the top with 70 % and above”

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