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Let’s Rap


Rap sessions at F.A.P.S are all about discussions on important gender related issues. Resource persons are invited on May 18, 2016, to speak to boys or girls in separate rooms on topics that the members of staff think will benefit most and prepare them socially while trying to positively influence their values.

Get a taste if the experience here.

A Good Heart


Fond Assau Primary has been blessed yet again. This time the angel is in the form of a Canadian national by the name of Jessica Gibbard. She is a certified caregiver on island and has been volunteering at the school while she tries to find a greater calling.

We wish you all the best and a hearty thank you for your time and effort.

A Nudge in Song


Jingles enticed all those in earshot of the Fond Assau Primary School on May 17, 2016, as the students sang their hearts out; the message “Read”! Another fun Reading Month activity at F.A.P.S and many more to follow.
Catch the photos here.


Can You Spell?


A proud few, set out to prove their spelling prowess on a black Friday  in May 2016. One brave student from each grade K – 6 represented their house, all trying their best to earn house points and secure bragging rights; “Spelling Champ”!

The results: Bushell – 110 points | Albert – 225 points | Gustave – 205 points | Leonce – 170 points

Congratulations to Albert House!
Capture the excitement here.

The More the Merrier!


More time at the computer is a wish that is slowly coming true for the teachers and some students of the Fond Assau Primary School. Everyone is indeed grateful for the addition of 10 more computers in the Resource Room.  The units were delivered and installed on May 12, 2016 by Mr. Ron Augustin and his team of technicians from the IT unit of the Ministry of Education.

The school is very thankful and intends to make full use the use of the computers by making the teaching-learning process interactive, effective and fun.

Eco Heroes at F.A.P.S

eco 18 

Compliments of Mr. Eco and his associates, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Education, learning was taken to new heights at the Fond Assau Primary School.

The staff and students were treated to a spectacular performance which comprised of rap, soca and R&B songs, containing powerful messages about caring for the environment.

The students were taught how to be Eco Heroes by conserving water and power, keeping the environment clean, protecting organisms on land and in the ocean and even tips about eating healthy.

The activity sent a very powerful message home to the students; learning is fun!

Check out the photo gallery for more..

His Legacy Lives On

Paint 8 

The St. Omer name burns brightly at FAPS. The new school block is in the process of being enhanced by Mr. Luigi St. Omer.  He has volunteered his services to paint the school’s crest, C.F.S expectations and a reminder for everyone to eat healthy foods.

A few lucky students have memories for a lifetime!

Stay connected to the photo gallery as the masterpieces unfold.

Mother-Child Day

MCD 7 

Mothers were all smiles at F.A.P.S on May 6th, 2016. Each class treated Mom with cards, gifts, songs, kisses and hugs. The response from the mothers were all positive and their children had them blushing and dancing. Mothers expressed their heart-felt appreciation for the gesture.

See pictures in the gallery.

Parents Take Charge


FAPS parents gathered on May 3rd to discuss matters concerning their children. The meeting was not all talk from the PTA president – Ms Sandra Doubois. Parents were entertained by the FAPS Dance group “The Diamond Steppers”, the power of speaking positives was harnessed by Mrs. S. Germain, housekeeping matters by the principal Mrs. Madona Florenville and the home run by Ms. Virginia Albert-Poyotte on how parents can make a difference in the lives of their children.

A very successful and productive PTA Meeting. See the gallery for photos.

Mes de la Lectura

Read 11 

Reading month was launched on May 2, 2016 under the theme “Invent the Future, Read”. Students and teachers enjoyed a skit highlighting the importance of reading and received their calendars.

It will definitely be a fun-filled month at F.A.P.S!

See the gallery for highlights of all the activities.

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