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Football Fever

Fond Assau Primary football team remains very active in the arena. The team, headed by Mr. Solomon Alexander (St. Lucia’s National Football Coach), has proven to be very formidable opponents over the years. The boys and girls (yes girls too!) continue to have fun and strive for excellence on the field of play.

Shopping Fiesta – C.F.S Shop

Grade 2b Shopping Day Grade 2a

The much anticipated shopping day at F.A.P.S was a festive occasion for many students. They went shopping with their hard earned “Child-Friendly School Points” (C.F.S. Points) which they received for modelling good behavior, performing well academically and general attitude and deportment. 

Calling all Parents – SOS

The school needs you!

Home and school must work together to make a difference.

Help F.A.P.S become “A Child-Friendly school of choice.”

Parents in Cyberspace


The first Parenting Workshop for 2015-16 took place in the Resource Room of the Fond Assau Primary School on Monday October 26, 2015. Those workshops are the perfect opportunity for parents to share and support each other , as well as learn and practice skills. 

Jounen Kweyol Highlights

Jounen Kweyol af F.A.P.S was off to a slow start with the Creole Breakfast but definitely picked up and ended with a bang! A day filled with fun activities and good food.

Catch the highlights in the “Gallery” ==> “Academic Year 2015” ==> “Jounen Kweyol 2015”

Bigger and better each year!

F.A.P.S Jounen Kweyol

Jounen Kweyol Breakfast

Vini gawolé et lékóle Fond Asau. 

Come enjoy yourself  at our annual Jounen Kweyol breakfast from 6:00 a.m on Friday October 23, 2015.

No Big Show, Yet We Grow


As part of the activities leading up to International Credit Union Day which will be celebrated on Thursday October 15, 2015; Ms. Criseyde Preville – 2nd Vice President of the St. Lucia Teacher’s Credit Cooperative (S.L.T.C.C), visited the Fond Assau Primary School (F.A.P.S) too share some important financial tit-bits. 

The ‘Cutting’ Edge!

Barber1 Barber2 Haircuts

The Fond Assau Primary School (F.A.P.S) staff, Ministry of Education and Cutty Ranks duo are hopeful that when students look good, they feel self-confident and their higher self-esteem will translate to model behavior and satisfactory academic performance.

Teacher Appreciation at F.A.P.S

Teacher AppreciationTeacher Appreciation1

Compliments of the Principal, the Fond Assau staff had a quick get together to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. The topping on this observance were the requests sent out to teachers by their students: 

  • “You are the best Teacher in the whole world”
  • “I love you Miss”
  • “Thank you for all you have done for me”

These were a few of the heart-warming shout-outs by the students.

Well done teachers, keep it up!

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